COVID-19 Health Message

On behalf of everyone at Bella Catering and Events, we hope you, your family and loved ones are safe during this unprecedented coronavirus situation that we are facing not only here, but around the world.

The health and wellbeing of our community is paramount and is our priority during this time and we are continuing to monitor and act on the guidance issued by the Australian Government Department of Health and the World Health Organisation. We understand you might be feeling overwhelmed about the ever-changing news regarding the coronavirus, and we want to let you know that our we are taking every step to ensure your health and safety.


Our mission has always been to provide fresh and delicious food to our customers we would like to share the high food safety standards we adhere to on a daily basis, as well as the additional measures we’ve put in place in light of COVID-19.


Food Safety

While we have always had strict sanitary standards and transmission of the coronavirus via food has been deemed unlikely and no evidence of this occurring at this point, we have implemented the following additional precautionary measures:

* Every employee has their temperature taken upon arrival

* If any employee has any symptoms of fever, cough or runny nose, they are not permitted to enter the workplace and will be advised to seek medical attention

* Even though no employee has travelled, if they have been in contact with someone who has, they are not permitted to enter the workplace for at least 14 days and will require medical clearance.


All our food in produced in our kitchen in Sydney and only source ingredients from suppliers who follow strict sanitisation processes.



As Bella Catering and Events own all delivery vehicles and do not use couriers to deliver our food, we know the high standard of cleanliness that our vehicles are kept and all drivers follow the above health and safety precautions that all other employees follow as they too are employed by Bella.


If you have any questions, please don’t be shy to reach out to our team at


Your ongoing loyalty, support, and trust are sincerely appreciated.


Bella Catering Team