Celebrate Milestones With Birthday Party Catering from Bella Catering

Fun Birthday Party Catering Sydney Ideas With Bella Catering

When planning for a big birthday, you need the best birthday party catering Sydney. Bella Catering provides all kinds of meals and platters to suit all tastes.

Whenever a loved one has a big birthday coming up, we can’t help but want to spoil them with a party and great food. A catering company can help you relieve some of the stress of providing just the right type of meal for all the invited guests. One of the perks in choosing Bella Catering for your birthday catering needs is that we provide so many different options in the way that we cater an event and in the food served.

Whether it’s a big-O birthday or an intimate celebration with friends, the team at Bella Catering can create a bespoke menu to suit. Contact us today for more information.

Why should you turn to Bella Catering for birthday party catering Sydney?

We’ve been catering different events for many years, so we have the experience to create an amazing event. Plus, we stay on top of current trends to ensure you get the most modern, stylish menu. Depending on your needs, we can cook on-site and even organise staff to serve at your event.


Or, if you don’t want a bunch of strangers hanging around with platters and serving drinks at an intimate party, we also offer drop-off services to events in the local area. Whether we are catering Chatswood or North Shore, we can prepare meals off-site and drop them off at your location. This means you can enjoy a more casual affair if needed.



  • catering and deliveries to venues across Sydney, Western Sydney, Northern Beaches and Sydney CBD
  • a choice of platters, meals and tables with options for all kinds of dietary requirements
  • great food created with fresh ingredients from local farmers and fisherman in the Sydney area
  • a professional service throughout thanks to years of experience in the industry

What types of menus can we create for birthday party catering?

Breakfast Corporate Catering Sydney


One of the many things that we are proud of here at Bella Catering is the way that we prioritize healthy produce and local ingredients for a range of styles of cooking. This includes BBQ catering across Sydney. If you have a family member that loves nothing more than a good BBQ then don’t waste time firing up the grill and potentially neglecting guests. Let our experienced staff take care of the cooking for you.

Corporate Lunch Catering Sydney


But what if that BBQ option sounds like the perfect idea for the guest of honour but a nightmare for vegetarian family members? Don’t worry. Whatever style of catering you choose, whether it is a BBQ, buffet catering in Sydney or one of our grazing tables, there are choices. We will make sure that the meals and food options provided meet any dietary requirements communicated to us. This means both vegetarian and vegan catering Sydney’s recent converts will appreciate.

Dinner Corporate Catering Sydney

Custom menus

At Bella Catering, our chefs have the experience to create a custom menu specifically to a theme or dietary requirements. Have a look at our other catering menus and contact us to discuss your next event.

Call Bella Catering today to learn more.

Birthday party catering in Sydney doesn’t have to be stressful when you turn to professional help. We can provide the best possible menu and additional service for the big 60, a 21st or any other important milestone. Contact us today so we can chat more about our Sydney birthday party and event catering services.