Fire Up The Grill In Style With Bella Catering’s BBQ Catering Sydney

A BBQ should be a fun, casual event, so why not lessen the stress with BBQ catering Sydney. Bella Catering can provide BBQ-based event catering for the whole family. There are sure to be some home-cooks that question the point of hiring a professional for BBQ catering Sydney. Why let someone else come in and work the grill when this has been your domain every summer? If you have a special occasion coming up and want the best BBQ yet, Bella Catering can take your ideas and the food you love and help create a more high-end event. Let us treat you to a BBQ for a change.
Sydney gluten free catering
gluten free catering sydney

Why should you trust Bella Catering to help you with BBQ catering Sydney?

~ We can provide a fully serviced BBQ service and help you find the perfect venue if you don’t want to cook at home

~ You get a high-end menu with produce direct from the best farmers in the area

~ Our BBQs are still a professional service perfected through many years in this industry

~ We can provide food options that will suit any guests with non-meat based dietary needs

~ Our service is available across Sydney and other outlying areas

Birthday Party BBQ catering Sydney

Birthday Party Catering Sydney

BBQ catering in Sydney is the perfect way to celebrate a birthday in a more relaxed environment. You get to create the same great atmosphere with the people you care about but don’t have to worry about slaving over a grill the whole time. Instead, you get quality time with the birthday boy or girl and some great cuts of meat cooked to perfection by our team. We can help you create a package in a venue of your choice for a special 30th, 50th or any other milestone.

Grazing Table BBQ Catering Sydney

Grazing Tables Sydney

The grazing table is a popular trend right now for those that want to add a different feel to their event. The best grazing tables bring together lots of great produce in one attractive spread. We can source side dishes, vegetables, cheeses and a lot more to accompany the main event of your BBQ. Guests can pick what they want, build up their plate and socialise as they do so. In many cases, a grazing table will take your BBQ and turn it up a notch.

vegetarian Catering Sydney

Vegetarian Catering Sydney

If you really want to cater a BBQ in Sydney that every single family member can enjoy, it is a good idea to offer more than just meat. Perhaps this is something you have struggled with in the past, and why some family members have politely suggested a catered option. Consider some fish dishes for the pescatarians, plant-based products for the vegetarians and also some vegan options. Our team can ensure that everyone gets the best options for their dietary preferences and no one goes away hungry.

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Don’t worry about your relatives overcooking the BBQ any more or providing the best alternative options for guests. Call our team at Bella Catering today and leave all the preparation and cooking to us. We can work with you to create BBQ catering Sydney that your family won’t believe. You can also use our online booking form for a fast, direct way to give us all the right information.