Enjoy A Host Of Artarmon Catering Services With Bella Catering

There are lots of reasons for Artarmon residents to take advantage of a professional catering service. If a loved one has a special event or birthday coming up, a catered party can make the day even more special. Bella Catering is the perfect place for high-end Artarmon catering Sydney. We can help you choose between different options and service packages for an event to remember.

Why should you trust Bella Catering to help you with your Artarmon catering needs?


~ Our Artarmon service means a high-end menu with the best local ingredients from well-known producers

~ That menu is customisable so that you can cater to family members with all kinds of dietary needs

~ You can enjoy this via a fully serviced food and drink service at a venue of your choice

~ Alternatively, we can deliver via a drop-off catering service to your door

~ This is a professional, reliable service that comes from years of experience

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Artarmon Catering Sydney
Funeral Catering Sydney

Cocktail Party Catering Sydney

You don’t need to be in downtown Sydney to enjoy the best cocktail party experience. Bella Catering offers its own high-end catering service with finely crafted menus.You can choose from a range of ingredients – all picked from local producers that we know and trust – to create something special in your own home. If you would prefer, we can also help you find a more suitable venue to make the event more special.

Grazing Platters Catering Sydney

Grazing Tables Sydney

If fancy cocktail parties aren’t really up your street and you prefer something more relaxed, we also provide delicious grazing set-ups. We are proud of our grazing tables in Sydney because they are such a great way to showcase the best in local ingredients from top producers. We can discuss different menu options and preferences to create a show-stopping display of food that your guest will love. It is Instagram-able, casual and perfect for small get-togethers with old friends. All options are customisable with options for vegan, gluten free and vegetarian catering.

Corporate Catering Artarmon

Corporate and Office Catering Sydney

One of the great things about these grazing tables and all of our other catering options in Artarmon is that they’re applicable to almost every event. Whether you’re having a large corporate function or a staff training day, we can cater to it.. We will source all the ingredients, prepare everything you need, and even deliver it in our drop off catering service. This means that you get all the benefits of working with top cooks and hospitality experts but can still focus on your event.

Contact us today to learn more about our Artarmon catering services.

If you have an event in mind but aren’t too sure on the best way to cater it, the team at Bella Catering are ready to listen to all your needs and ideas for Artarmon catering to help you craft something personal, exciting and memorable. You can get in touch with us online via our online booking form to get started.