Corporate  –  Menus  –  Morning and Afternoon Teas

PETITE MUFFIN PLATTER  $6.90 per person
Variety of freshly baked Petite Muffins (2.5 Items pp)

PASTRY PLATTER  $6.90 per person
Variety of Petite Pastries including Cherry Danish, Snail Danish, Chocolate Croissant, Rhubarb Danish, Apple Danish and Vanilla Swirl. (2.5 Items pp)

HEAVENLY PLATTER  $7.90 per person
Variety of Petite muffins (1 pp)
Donught (0.5 pp)
Short Bread (1 pp)
Variety of Pastries (1 pp)

ENGLISH TEA  $5.50 per person
Bella Scones Served with Homemade Berry Jam and  Chantilly Cream
(1 ½ scones pp) * Savoury Scones can be made upon request

Assorted Iced and Filled Doughnut (1pp)
Jam or Nutella mini doughnut ball (1pp)
Petite Profiterole – assorted varieties (1pp)



TEATIME  $7.90 per person
Variety of European Biscotti (1 pp)
Variety of Cupcakes (1 pp)

FRENCH AFFAIR  $5.90 per person
Petite Eclair

COOKIE PLATTER  $6.90 per person
An Assortment of European Biscotti,
Traditional Cookies and Italian Shortbread (2 pieces pp)

SWEET TOOTH PLATTER  $6.90 per person
An Assortment of Petite Cakes (1 pp)
Variety of Mini Cup Cakes (1 pp)

GREEK DELIGHTS  $7.90 per person
Kourambethes (Greek Short bread with almonds and icing)
Honey and Orange Shortbreads

CHURROS PACK  $6.90 per person
2 Churros per person served with Caramel and Chocolate Ganache dipping pots