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These packages incorporate our expansive sandwich bar menu and our wide range of breads

PACKAGE 1: Bella Sandwich breads platter
1.5 serves per person – $12.90 pp

A selection of our white, wholemeal, multigrain and rye sandwiches cut into triangles. With our range of Gourmet filled tortilla wraps cut in half.


PACKAGE 2: Bella Mixed Breads platter
1.5 serves per person – $14.90 pp

A selection of our most requested breads assembled with our very popular range of gourmet fillings. Breads will include artesian sandwich bread, rolls, wraps, Panini’s and mini bagels.


PACKAGE 3: Bella Artesian Sourdough Bread Basket
1.5 serves per person – $14.90 pp

A selection of our Sourdough breads and Ciabatta breads, all cut in halves filled with our expansive gourmet fillings.


PACKAGE 4: Bella Italian Bread delight
1.5 serves per person – $14.90 pp

A selection herbed Zoccoli bread, Panini and Focaccia, all cut into halves and filled with our expansive range of gourmet fillings.


PACKAGE 5: Bella European assortment
1.5 serves per person – $14.90 pp

A selection of Baguettes, Turkish Bread and German Rye, all cut into halves and filled with our expansive range of gourmet fillings.

A vast assortment of fillings are provided to satisfy everyone’s needs.

Gourmet Sandwiches
– cut into triangles – $7.90 each
(recommended 1 ½ serves pp)

Finger Sandwiches – 3 fingers per serve – $7.90 each
(recommended 5 fingers pp)

All sandwiches are served on a variety of breads, these include White, Wholemeal, Multigrain and Rye.

Artesian Sandwiches – cut into halves – $8.90 each
This range of sandwiches is served on White Sourdough, Wholemeal Sourdough, Spelt Sourdough and Rye or Quinoa and Soya.

Gourmet breads – $9.40 each
Try our range of freshly baked breads with our extended range of delicious fillings, boutique sliced meats and cheeses, fresh seafood with homemade sauces and chutneys

This range of sandwiches has options of Turkish Bread, Foccacia, Italian Herb Bread, Tortilla Wraps, Baguettes and Bagels


Comes with a wide range of gourmet fillings which may include the following:

  • Chicken Breast Schnitzel with cheese, butter lettuce, tomato and lemon herb mayonnaise.
  • Smoked salmon, cucumber, butter lettuce and dill mayonnaise.
  • Smoked Turkey, Brie Cheese, Avocado, Cranberry with Mescalin lettuce
  • Rare roast beef, Swiss cheese, Sundried tomato and seeded mustard
  • Chorizo with Corn, peas, sweet potato, capsicum and paprika mayonnaise
  • Thai Marinated Beef with cucumber, cherry tomato, mint, coriander and green oak lettuce
  • Spicy chicken, sour cream, jalapenos, tomato and butter lettuce
  • Falafel with Tzatziki, tabouleh, tomato and mescalin lettuce
  • Serrano Ham, basil pesto, oven roasted roma tomatoes, Bocconcini and olive oil
  • Pulled pork with Smokey BBQ sauce and coleslaw
  • Double smoked ham with honey mustard mayo, brie and over roasted roma tomato
  • Sumac Chicken with hummus and Tabouleh
  • Danish Salami with Spanish onion, Olives, Artichokes and Provolone cheese
  • Roast Pumpkin, Sweet Potato, Zucchini, Eggplant, Caramelised onion and Capsicum Pesto
  • Grilled Lamb with Tzatziki, fetta. Lettuce and tomato



We offer you the choice of having either an individual portion or a small dish or large dish served in either a ceramic dish or chaffing dishes.

All of our meals are prepared fresh daily and served to your premises at the closest possible time to your request.
All prices are exclusive of gst.  Some minimum quantities apply


  • Thai Green Chicken Curry with Beans, Baby Corn and Red Peppers
  • Beef Filled Tortellini with Bosciola cream sauce
  • Honey Soy Chicken with Ginger, Bamboo Shoots and Chilli
  • Sheppard’s Pie
  • Bella Signature Beef Lasagne with Roast Tomato Pulp and Béchamel
  • Pad Thai with Chicken, Prawns, Zucchini, Bok Choy and Hokkien Noodles
  • Traditional Butter Chicken with Fragrant Rice
  • Blistered Pork Belly with Vanilla Apple Sauce on Braised Apple Cider Cabbage (served as per person)
  • Barramundi Fillets with White Wine Dill Sauce and Steamed Vegetables (served as per person)
  • Deconstructed Chicken, Thyme and Pumpkin Pie with Sesame Seed Puffs
  • Veal Risotto with wild Mushroom Ragout, Spinach and Semi Dried Tomato
  • Traditional Greek Moussaka with roast Eggplant and Desiree Potato
  • Balinese Nasi Goreng with Chicken, Spicy Sausage and Fried Egg
  • Chorizo and Prawn Spiral Pasta with Tomato Sugo and Basil
  • Crispy Skin Salmon Served with Fennel, Artichoke, Green Olives and Salsa Verde (served as per person)
  • Spinach and Ricotta Filled Ravioli with Tomato Pasata and Basil
  • Slow Cooked Beef Casserole with Root Vegetable and Mash Potato
  • Beef Rendang Curry with Rice
  • Lamb Rogan Josh with Fragrant Rice
  • Mongolian Lamb Stir-fry Rice
  • Chicken Cacciatore with Garlic Mash Potato
  • Massaman Beef Curry with Jasmine Rice
  • Chicken and Cashew Nut Stir-fry with Jasmine Rice
  • Slow Roast Beef Sirloin with Garlic and Mushroom Sauce (served as per person)
  • Cannelloni with Chicken, Spinach, Pumpkin and Feta
  • Swordfish with Soy and Ginger and Wok Tossed Asian Greens (served as per person)


Individual Portions
(min 6 portion of each food)
$12.90 per person

Small Dish
Serves 4 – 6 people
$60.00 per dish

Large Dish
Serves 7 – 11 people
$90.00 per dish