About Bella Catering – About Us

Food is our passion. It always has been. From the fresh produce we hand select from the markets daily, to the suppliers who deliver to us, we are always looking for the very best quality, to produce the very best food.

We are an original, innovative catering company, bold in our approach and sensitive to the needs and requirements of our customers.

Being a leading edge catering company demands an exceptional approach. Every day for us in another opportunity to excel at what we do, to lift the standard and raise the bar. That’s our attitude towards excellence, it’s a daily process.

Our attention to detail and our consistently high standards, mean we are one of Sydney’s premier catering companies.

It takes a bit of magic to deliver the best tasting, creatively inspired menus to our customers. We have always held ourselves to an exceptional standard, from the most extravagant events to the smallest bespoke ones.

To consistently meet these high standards, both in delivery, service and of course the quality of the food we produce, we have only the very best people working on our team. We’d like to introduce you to some of the inspirational people who make the food worth coming back for at Bella Catering.


Owner & Visionist – Paul


Coming from hospitality and foodie background, with a family who has worked in the food industry for years, Paul’s love for great food was already in his veins. His vision was to produce a high end catering company that expressed his love of food, his search for new food ideas and expressed the wonderful flavours and culinary experiences he’d enjoyed in his travels overseas. Combined with his own uncompromising standards he set about the inception of delivering a catering company that would surpass the best in his industry, outperforming, out customer servicing and out foodying his competitors.

Paul started the Bella group from a single café. His passion for food and people meant his popular North Sydney café Styx, grew to incorporate other cafes in Circular Quay, Chatswood and Macquarie Park. Styx was so popular that the catering side organically grew from customers asking for the great food they ate there, to come to them.

From an impressive, first class, catering kitchen, custom built in Artarmon, Paul runs the Bella Catering Company. This jewel in the crown of the Bella Catering Company, services both the café’s and their cliental as well as producing exceptional menus and ideas for some of Sydney’s most well known businesses and private events.



Head Chef – John


John has always been an innovative thinker, producing whatever he needed in order to create the best food possible. He’s planted herbs on the rooftop of the Tilbury hotel just so he could hand pick what he needed to create the outstanding dishes he cooked there. That’s one of the reasons we love having John on our team, he thinks outside the box.

John’s worked in some of Sydney’s most highly recommended restaurants heading up the team as Head Chef from everywhere as prestigious as the Tilbury to running the apprentices programs at Nick’s Bar and Grill Seafood.

His passion is simple Italian food made from the heart with amazing flavours and fresh produce. But because he’s a man of the world, he also produces exceptional cuisine from around the globe, Mexican, Spanish, etc. He and Paul often spend time just salivating over all the great cuisines around the world and what they can bring from those flavours to provide a new exceptional experience for their customers.

Sous Chef – Kay


Kay loves cooking more than life itself. In fact, she’s so hot in the kitchen that she was awarded The Most Successful Female Chef of 2012. She’s worked for some of the most well known restaurants in Sydney as well as some of the premier event catering companies. Used to managing big gigs from her days at the Sydney Convention Centre she keeps Bella Catering humming along. She’s always exploring new food ideas and is continually learning and studying to keep her craft fresh and inspired.


Operations Manager – Glen


A company as well oiled and run as Bella Catering requires someone who knows what they’re doing running the show. Glen has worked for many years directing traffic and making sure everything runs smoothly. He’s worked for large organisations like Pizza Hut and Village Roadshow, keeping his watchful eye on over a hundred employees. When Glen says jump we all say how high?

Glens attention to detail combined with his big picture understanding of how a catering company works has meant Bella catering is one of the most well regarded catering companies in Sydney.


Accounts Manager – Maria


Maria knows our company inside out and back to front. Coming from a family run business and being a foodie herself it means she understands the way Bella Catering ticks. Her sharp business mind means she knows exactly what’s going on in every corner of Bella Catering and her love of cooking even gets her into the Bella kitchen once in a while, just to make sure someone is keeping an eye on the Chefs.